Thief Doesn’t Notice Surveillance Camera Beside His Face

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police are working to find out if a suspected thief is responsible for more crimes throughout the city.

Ink Floyd caught a man on camera cutting down their business sign on a busy NoDa street early Friday morning.

The suspect doesn’t even notice the camera inches from his face as he steals the sign. He gives a clear shot of his face before realizing what he’s done and moving the camera toward the ground.
The owner of the business, Dave Collier, says he just had Security Consult install the cameras outside his business. He was relieved to know the thief was so bold as to not cover his face.
“It always feels like a violation. I think everybody’s had something like this happen,” said Collier. “It’s just a community. You don’t want to think of anybody doing that and just kind of thinking they can get away with it. I mean, the same kind of people are breaking into cars.”
Police won’t reveal too much information. Online, several people say they know the man in the surveillance pictures.
If you recognize the suspect, call Crime Stoppers.