Use of ‘doggie double’ in talent show causes uproar in UK

LONDON (AP) — Producers of the popular “Britain’s Got Talent” TV show and the dog trainer who won the competition are coming under fire after a “doggie double” was used to perform a trick.

Border collie Matisse was replaced by a lookalike dog for a tightrope-walking sequence during the routine in Sunday night’s live final.

Producers Tuesday apologized to viewers who may have been unaware that trainer Jules O’Dwyer was using a team of dogs.

“We are sorry if this was not made clearer to the judges and the viewers at home during their final performance,” the producers said in a statement.

O’Dwyer said she is shocked by the public’s reaction, which has included a number of Twitter complaints.

She said she used the second dog, Chase, because Matisse is uncomfortable with heights.