Extra Duke Energy Crews Ready for Power Outages

CONCORD, NC — The ice hasn’t been as big of a problem as expected, with only a few scattered power outages Friday night. Still, Duke Energy has hundreds of extra crews on standby.

A thousand Duke Energy workers have reported to the Z Max parking lot, lining their work trucks, ready to go whenever and wherever they are needed.

“Overall we have about 7,000 linemen coming in to help with these storms impacting North Carolina,” said Justin Landon of Duke Energy. “We’re ready.”

Duke Energy workers from Florida, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma joined for one last meal before tackling power outages across the state.

“It’s after the storm, especially with ice,” said Landon. “Sleet we can work with; that bounces. The freezing rain will stick. Any power line and tree, those trees when they come down, the power line will come down.”

Out-of-town crews says the ice creates some challenges on the job.

“It’s new area,” said Florida Duke Energy worker Kevin Logins. “Logistics, lot of headaches, lot of nightmares. You don’t know the area, you don’t know the kind of equipment you need for job.”

We found ice blanketing power lines and trees in one Dilworth community where one home reported losing power.

But across Charlotte, most residents have electricity. Duke Energy warns the worst could come in the next few hours.

“Definitely tonight, going into tomorrow morning will be the most critical time we will see power outages,” said Landon.

Duke Energy also warns that people stay out the way of its workers. They want you to call 1-800-POWER-ON to report outages.