Kids Break Out Sleds to Enjoy the Snow Day

CHARLOTTE, NC — The winter weather isn’t all doom and gloom. For thousands of kids across the area, Friday was a glorious snow day!

School was out, there was snow and the ground, and it was time to play. Kids took to the hills and streets, breaking out the sleds and snow boards. We caught up to a group making their runs on the “slopes” of the Weddington Ridge neighborhood in Matthews, making the most out of an unplanned day off.

“Playing in the snow, and sledding, and making snow balls,” said young Addy Kline of Matthews.

“Sledding. Sledding and snow boarding,” said young Mia, also of Matthews.

“And playing with our friends,” added her friend, Marianthe.

“With this kind of street, you get to sled up and down it all day. And I mean no school, get a break from school and have a good time with friends,” said Matthews resident Cory McKinstry.

CMS students were scheduled to be off Monday, but will now be in class to make up the snow day.