The Snark: Confessions, Football, & YouTube

The Snark Report With Derek James: Iggy tells all, more Wi-Fi at the Super Bowl, and a fat guy soccer league

CHARLOTTE, NC — Snarking Iggy Azalea’s tell all Tweets, greater Wi-Fi at the Super Bowl, a fat guy soccer league, movies with no alcohol, and the YouTube clip of the week.

Iggy Azalea reveals all in a series of Tweets, including the fact that she peed her pants at the dentist.

It will be an entertaining halftime at the Super Bowl this year after they announced that 10x more Wi-Fi bandwith will be available to fans. Oh, and Coldplay is playing.

England launches a fat guy football league.

An Idaho movie theater had it’s liquor license revoked after serving alcohol during a showing of ’50 Shades of Grey.’

A struggling KIA crash test dummy makes the YouTube Clip of the Week.

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