CMPD Arrests Suspects in Triple Homicide

CHARLOTTE, NC — “For someone to take their lives so cowardly, it hurts deeply,” said Laverne McGriff, mother of two of the victims.

More than a month after her two sons were murdered, Laverne McGriff finally got some closure. CMPD arrested and charged Antionio Robinson and Jovon Twitty in the deaths of brothers 29-year-old Naquavis and 28-year-old Mandrell Benson, along with friend Javarius Deshawn Mcgee. The three were found shot dead inside a home on China Grove Church Road on December 4th.

“These subjects are all known to each other, and we did confirm that, and there was some drug involvement there,” said CMPD Major Cameron Selvey.

Police say these arrests leave all six homicides last December now solved.

“Last year was a rough year, and we have not closed as many as we would like to, but I guarantee you it’s not from a lack of trying and not from lack of effort,” said Major Selvey.

In fact, 15 murder cases from 2015 remain unsolved, so CMPD says homicide detectives have been working around the clock.

“It was dogged determination by the lead detective. He went through a lot of evidence, talked, a lot of people gathered evidence and information,” said Major Selvey.

CMPD wouldn’t go into more detail as to what led up to the shooting or how they brought down the suspects, but say anytime they solve a murder it’s a win, and they will continue to build their case to ensure convictions.

“The families are very very grateful; he said they were very relieved,” said Selvey.