NBA All Star Game Remains in Charlotte, Cirque Du Soleil Cancels Show

NBA All Star Game Remains in Charlotte, Cirque Du Soleil Cancels show

CHARLOTTE, NC– Good news tonight, the All Star Game is still on, for now.

The NBA commissioner put away rumors that the games were leaving the Queen City.

This among other announcements that other groups were pulling out over House Bill Two.

Millions of dollars, that’s how much the city could lose as more events and businesses continue to pull out over House Bill Two.

” I think it’s crazy, I definitely wanted to go see them,” says Courtney Marcus.

Disappointment –after Cirque Du Soleil made this announcement via social media.

“Cirque Du Soleil is opposed to discrimination in any form. Due to house bill 2 , we are canceling shows in North Carolina”

“I think it’s unfair. I really do, they gone lose their businesses like that,” says Sandra Cloud.

Concerns over House Bill Two is costing the Queen City big.

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority reports,

–7 events have canceled.
–13 decided to go somewhere else.
–and Charlotte stands to lose 36 more events.

In total the city could lose up to 86 Million dollars in revenue.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver said “There was no discussion of moving the All-Star game. What the view in the room was, we should be working towards change in North Carolina.”

The NBA commissioner says for now the All Star Game will stay in Charlotte.

“The league believes these groups need to be protected, but again I think the right way to work to the proper resolution here is for the league to remain engaged in the conversation rather than setting ultimatums or announcing that we’re not going to play our all-star game in Charlotte.” says Silver.

Ember Sullivan a transgender woman says she agrees, “Cirque Du Soleil is extracurricular, the All Star Game it helps a lot of other things.” 1.39

And says she’s happy professional sports and businesses are standing up for LGBT rights.

“We need as much support as possible. Anyone who doesn’t want to come to a state of discrimination it’s humane and I mean its respected,” says Sullivan.