Carjacking Ends In Crash, Causing Backup

CHARLOTTE, NC– Two suspects and one innocent bystander now in the hospital after crashing right here at Brookshire Boulevard and Idaho Drive, close to I -85.

Police say someone stole that car during a carjacking on Rozzelles Ferry Road and west
Trade street.

Officers spotted it, but the driver wouldn’t stop, leading them on a chase through neighborhoods onto Brookshire Boulevard.

That’s where it crashed into two other cars here, causing a major traffic backup at rush hour. Drivers describe the chaos.

Calvin Neal who works nearby said, “The helicopters and everything and traffic was backed up all the way down Rozzelles Ferry and with me working here this close to the highway, we didn’t hear nothing I see nothing but it was just the traffic in the helicopters and we knew something had went wrong.”

Going on hour four, police were still gathering evidence.
Brookshire Boulevard Westbound is closed I 77 and inbound traffic is diverted to Idaho road. Police say it’s not clear when they’ll be through investigating and can open up the highway.