Meat Salesman Takes Elderly Woman to the Bank for $400

Arrested for Exploitation of Eldery

KANNAPOLIS, NC — Police arrested a door to door meat salesman after they say he tried to get an 87-year-old woman to withdraw hundreds of dollars our her bank account for meat.

The victim’s family asked that WCCB Charlotte not release the woman’s identity for her safety, but they want to warn others.

“It was terrifying,” said the woman’s cousin, Amy Jo Riggs. “I mean, she can’t defend herself.”

Riggs snapped a photo of two Capital Meats salesmen Monday, April 25 outside of the Wells Fargo in Kannapolis.

Police say they took her cousin from her home to the bank to withdraw $400 from the bank for meat.

Riggs says her cousin has diminishing mental capacity and does not cook.

“The way he was pressuring her and being aggressive, I have no doubt she might of even been fearful because she had to follow what he said,” said Riggs.

Officers arrested Charles Turner of Greensboro. Kannapolis Police say Capital Meats fired him. We aren’t releasing his partner’s name because police did not charge him.

Wells Fargo employee, Amanda Finley, put a stop to their sale.

“If it was my mother my grandmother, I would hope somebody would stand up and do the same thing for them,” said Finley.

She says tellers are trained to look for sings of elder abuse or fraud. They ask specific, probing questions.

In this case, police say she kept the woman separated from the suspects until her care giver showed up.

“I said, ‘Did you really want to buy $400 in meat?’ You don’t even cook.’,” said Riggs. “She said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Why didn’t you tell them no?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know.’ She’s gullible, and some elderly people just welcome strangers and say somebody’s here to visit and they don’t realize.”

The men waited outside the bank because they wanted their meat back.

“They were aggressive. They wouldn’t take no for an answer,” said Riggs. “He was even try to sell me the meat.”

She’s warning others to tell you parents or grandparents that predators can take advantage.

“It’s a different world now that we live in.”

Capital Meats did not return calls for comment. Turner faces a charge of exploitation of hte elderly through a business relationship.