CLT Aiport Battling Long Lines

Hired 15 workers to help TSA shortage

CHARLOTTE, NC — Airport lines are expected to be long again Friday with Memorial Day holiday kicking off peak Summer travel.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has a six percent increase in passengers. The TSA is dealing with a 10 percent shortfall in security screeners.

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Airport officials say taxpayers are paying approximately $1 million to hire 15 workers to ease congestion at the airport in the meantime.

“We are taking steps to kind of alleviate some of the congestion in the lobby itself with additional staff and resources to help give folks an idea what they need to be doing,” airport COO Jack Christine. “We will be doing that all summer and into the foreseeable future.”

To speed things up for yourself, sign up for the Pre Check on TSA’s website. Check as many bags as you can, put liquids in a plastic bag and check TSA’s prohibited items list before you come.

“We’re gonna notice it with her x­-ray machines, with our officers, and that means I’m going to stop and get a bag check,” said Federal Security Director Keven Frederick. “When we stop to do a bag check, that basically slows down the process.

30,000 passengers come through the Charlotte airport a day so avoid the busiest times: Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.