Officials Say DOW Chemicals Fire Was Accidental

Photos Courtesy Charlotte Fire Dept.

CHARLOTTE, NC — A three alarm fire Wednesday morning at DOW Chemicals has been ruled accidental by investigators.

The fire broke out in a flammable storage building at the plant on Orr Road shortly before 8am. Officials say employees at the location evacuated when the alarms started going off and no one was injured.

It took more than 50 firefighters roughly 40 minutes to get the fire under control, according to reports.

Investigators say the fire started when a drum containing divinylbenzene over pressurized and caught fire. Officials say all chemical safety systems worked properly and the fire was contained to the flammable storage container. There is also no concern for health or environmental hazards, according to officials.

Officials with the NC Department of Labor say that DOW Chemicals location was issued several citations earlier this year, and they’re currently being contested by the plant. The department also says that OSHA inspectors looked into this morning’s fire and did not find cause for an investigation.

The cost of the damage is unknown at this time.