Mario Addison Talks Panthers And Being A Proud Omega Psi Phi Alumni

CHARLOTTE, NC– The hot topic this season has been the Panthers defense.

Ashley Holder sat down with one anchor of that unit, Mario Addison, and got to know more about what’s made him the man he is today on and off the field.

The Carolina Panthers defense holds the number one spot in the NFL, “You know we feed off each other. One guy got the juice, we want the juice. So we going break it down on juice,” says Addison.

A key part of the Panthers defense is Addison, a 6’3 254 pound edge rusher who reeks havoc on the league’s best quarterbacks.

“A game like this I can take my shot, you know inside moves I can do whatever…” says Addison.

Addison led the Panthers in sacks last year and he never forgets to throw up his hooks.

Addison, a proud member of Omega Psi Phi, reps the Frat at all times, “I wanted to pledge Omega because I wanted a lifetime brotherhood. It broke me down to my lowest point and built me back up as a man,” says Addison.

Becoming a “Dog” is something Super Mario is defined by for eternity. His purple, gold and camouflage along with shaved head is one of his best moments, Addison says “I was ugly, I was real real ugly (laughs) one of the dogs who cut my hair he left a few patches in my head”

“When I was in college you know I did all the partying, the spinning, hopping around with my boots on with my cut off shirt. But now I am on a professional side of the frat which is omega man. You got act as such so that’s why an omega man now.”