Will The Flood Of Sexual Abuse Allegations Lead To Real Change?

One after the other: politicians, movie moguls and Hollywood celebrities are being accused of sexual misconduct.
New accusers are coming forward each day.
Soccer star Hope Solo, actress Ellen Page and E.R. star Anthony Edwards all stepped forward in the last 24 hours.
Edwards wrote an explosive essay for the website Medium.
He alleges film producer and director Gary Goddard molested him for years, starting when Edwards was a 12-year-old boy.
There’s more fallout for comedian Louis C.K.
The cable network FX cut all ties with him; Louis C.K. was producing four shows for the network.
Today, the comedian admitted that five women who accused him of masturbating in front of them were telling the truth.

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore calls allegations against him completely false.
The Washington Post’s bombshell report that Moore attempted sexual relationships with four women when they were between 14 and 18 years old and Moore was in his 30s has cost him endorsements and his partnership with a G.O.P. fundraising group.
Today when Sean Hannity asked Moore if he had dated 17 or 18 year old girls at the time, Moore replied “If I did, I’m not going to dispute these things, but I don’t remember anything like that.”