Is Asking For A Last Name The New Dating No-No?

Blame it on technology.
Asking your date for their last name has become a no-no in new aged dating.
More people are now meeting on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which typically only show a your first name.
While that can protect your privacy it can also lead to missed connections.

This week a college student in Missouri accidentally swiped past classmate he matched on Tinder.
He only knew that her first name was Claudia.
So he emailed every girl in school named Claudia.. all 42 of them.
He eventually met his match, but says he could have saved a lot of time and effort if he knew her last name.

Many millennials say they won’t ask for a date’s last name up front.
It’s not only awkward, but it can signal that you plan to do a little predate research online.
Learning someone’s likes and dislikes from social media could keep the relationship from developing organically.
And some say learning one another’s last name is a sign the relationship is moving forward.