Dancing College Graduates Grabbed & Forced Off Stage

The University of Florida apologized after several students were pulled off the stage during a commencement ceremony.
Many of the students were black and were celebrating their achievements by dancing.
Video of the students being manhandled was broadcast on the school’s Jumbotron and quickly made its way online.

The school tweeted an apology Saturday night: ‘The University is proud of the achievements of every single one of our graduates and regrets that any celebration of the day may have been diminished by those monitoring a graduation ceremony.’

The president of the university said he called and talked to every student who was ushered off stage and apologized to parents and students at another commencement ceremony Sunday.

“We inappropriately, physically rushed a number of students across the stage at one of our commencements and I want to personally apologize for us doing that on behalf of myself and also the University of Florida,” said President Kent Fuchs.

The university says it is investigating the staff member who forced the students offstage but hasn’t said if he will be disciplined.