NC Restaurant’s Dress Code Considered Racist

Sagging pants, white t-shirts and stiletto heels aren’t welcome at a North Carolina restaurant.
A sign inside Kickback Jack’s in Durham outlines the rules customers must follow.
It says no low hanging pants or shorts; they must be worn at the waist.
It also bans over-sized t-shirts that extend past the mid-thigh and excessively baggy attire.
The sign says the restaurant manager has the right to refuse service to anyone.

News station WRAL spoke to some customers about the policy.
Zena Graham seemed to agree with the people who say the dress code is racist.
“A lot of minorities wear that type of fashion, so I just feel like it’s kind of discriminating,” said Zena Graham.
But not everyone sees it that way, like customer John Baucom, who said, “Some people seem like they’ve gotten out of hand as far as the way they wear their pants and expose certain parts of skin.”

Kickback Jack’s is a chain with more locations in eastern North Carolina and Virginia.
The Durham store’s manager says every location has the same dress code and the same sign explaining what customer can’t wear.