What Is The Weirdest Thing You Do In The Shower?

There is a new shower hack taking off on Pinterest.
People are tying branches of eucalyptus to their shower head to get the day spa experience at home.
The idea is to let the steam from the shower release essential oils from eucalyptus.
It’s supposed to have all sorts of health benefits like relieving stress and helping your digestion.

While relaxing in the shower isn’t all that strange, some people use their shower time to multitask.
Some people admit to killing two birds with one stone by cleaning the shower while cleaning themselves.
Others say brushing their teeth in the shower is a good time saver.
Even stranger: some say they save water by washing their clothes while taking a shower.
And falling asleep in the shower is common enough that the Urban Dictionary has a definition for shower nap.

How about eating or drinking in the shower?
There is an entire group on the website Reddit for people who chow down on oranges in the shower to avoid making a mess.
Reddit also has a group devoted to drinking beer in the shower.
And some start-ups are now selling special beer holders made to use in the shower.