Job Perks Of The Rich And Famous

The rich and famous often have some pretty outrageous work perks, written right into their contracts.

We’re learning more about the perks Harvey Weinstein received before his arrest on sex assault charges.
His employment agreement with The Weinstein Company is now public record after a judge ordered its release on Tuesday.
It shows Weinstein got $500 thousand a year to fly in private planes.
The studio also gave him an allowance to pay for fancy cars, chauffeurs and first class hotel suites.

But crazy contract clauses for the rich and famous are nothing new.
When Samuel L. Jackson is shooting a movie, his contract gives him two breaks a week to play golf.
Sir Paul McCartney insists his contracts include a clause that he won’t ride in a limo with leather seats.
Uma thurman has a clause in her contracts that guarantees her a nicer dressing room than any of her co-stars.
Mary J. Blige’s gets a new toilet seat at every venue she plays and Queen Latifah has a clause stating that no character she plays in a movie can die.