Koreans In Charlotte Brace For Meeting With Dictator

CHARLOTTE, NC — Koreans in Charlotte are watching the meeting closely, many worries that the meeting gives credibility to a dictator.

“Because it’s going to be just like, you know, making Kim Jong-un more popular,” said Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun.

Dr. Chun is accomplished here in Charlotte now.

He founded the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Now, he is reflecting on the life of poverty and control he could be living if his parents didn’t escape with him when he was three.

“You cannot imagine. You cannot. There’s no way you can imagine,” said Dr. Chun. “Communist society, you know, they just hate three kinds of people. First one is Christian. Second is a landlord. Third one is intellectuals. Our family is all three categories. So, there is no way, you know, we could survive it there.”

Now, he resents President Trump’s meeting with the dictator, saying even if North Korea gives up nuclear power, it will rebuild.

If it does not give up nuclear power, he fears other countries will nuclearize.

“If they recognize North Korea, you don’t have any choice. Japan doesn’t have any choice. they’ve got to have a nuclear power,” said Dr. Chun. “I’m afraid he’s going to create that situation. It’s worse than before.”

He hopes the meeting leads to an American embassy in North Korea, exposing people to other countries.

“Somebody has to open the dialogue, and, you know, have something so we can penetrate North Korean society. So people, they can open their eyes to see Western society. You, know freedom,” said Dr. Chun. “Open their eyes so they can see, ‘Wow! I never seen people they can move freely, they can talk freely, they going to have religious freedom.”