Survey: Saving Money Is Sexy

Good news if you’re a penny pincher: Saving money is sexy!
Nine out of ten people say a potential mate is more attractive when they are careful with their money.
That’s according to a survey by Slickdeals, which is a website that sells discounted products.

Nearly 80% say its now perfectly acceptable to use a coupon on a date and that was considered a major faux-pas in the past.
But there is a fine line between being frugal and being a cheapskate.

Here are some other things the people who responded to this survey found cheap:
– Re-gifting
– Eating food that’s past is expiration date
– Declining to buy a round of drinks at the bar when all your friends are

But these habits are considered frugal:
– Shopping at the second hand store
– Watching movies at home instead of the theater
– Keeping track of your home thermostat