Teen Hospitalized After Being Pushed From Bridge

A 16-year-old girl survived a frightening fall from a 3-story bridge after a friend pushed her.
Jordan Holgerson says she could have died.
She is now in the hospital with five broken ribs, a punctured lung and an injured trachea.
Holgerson says she climbed the bridge with friends and planned to jump, but got scared and that is when one of her friends pushed her.

Holgerson recounted the fall from her hospital room on Thursday.
“In the air I think I might have fainted, but when I hit the water I was definitely awake and aware,” Jordan Holgerson said. “I was trying to push myself forward so I could be straight up and down so that my feet hit first but that didn’t really work.”

Holgerson won’t identify the friend who pushed her, but Holgerson’s sister says she confronted the friend online and the friend apologized.
Holgerson’ mother says the local sheriff’s office is investigating, but hasn’t charged anyone with a crime.