Girl Sent Home From School Because Of Her Hair Extensions

The Louisiana girl was sent home from school in tears because her hair extensions are now against the rules.
Faith Fennedy’s mom says her daughter wore braided extensions for the last two years and the school never had a problem.
But when Faith arrived to start class this week, she was told her hair is now unacceptable.

Her parents questioned school employees when they came to pick their daughter up and her brother posted video of the entire ordeal on Facebook.
That video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Faith’s parents have now pulled her from Christ The King Elementary School.
The private school, which is located near New Orleans, recently changed its dress code to ban extensions, clip-ins or weaves.
School officials say they notified parents about the change over the summer and that Faith and her family were told last week that her hairstyle was not in compliance.
Faith’s family says the policy isn’t inclusive to black children’s hairstyles.