Power, Water, Phone Issues Possible in Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Power, water, telephone – essential utilities and services you need to prepare to be without.

“Be ready to sustain yourself for at least three days. Be prepared with your necessities – food, water, fuel,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

Duke Energy anticipates one to three million power outages across the Carolinas.

Crews expect to work 16-hour days in the aftermath of Florence.

More than 8,000 Duke Energy workers will be joined by more than 1,700 from the midwest and 1,200 from Florida.

Still, the company says it may take weeks, not days to restore power in some areas.

Bottled water has flown off local shelves. According to Charlotte Water, their service is not dependent on electricity.

But there is a risk of water contamination.

Charlotte Water suggests filling your bathtub with water, filling zip-lock bags with water and freezing them, and filling up reusable water bottles.

Landline and mobile telephone service could also be at risk.

Cell phone towers need power to operate. A Verizon Wireless spokesperson says 94 percent of their cell sites have back-up generators.

They also can deploy mobile cell sites.

Overall Charlotte emergency leaders say they’re ready.

“I can assure you our organizations have been training for these kinds of events for a long time. Planned and prepared,” says MEDIC director Joe Penner.