Nearly 3,000 Homes And Businesses In Mecklenburg County Are Under Threat To Flood

CHARLOTTE, NC. — With six to twelve inches of rain possible for Charlotte during Hurricane Florence, flooding is a major concern. Nearly 3,000 homes and businesses in Mecklenburg are in a flood plain.

WCCB asked Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services the top spots where we could see the most flooding. The answer–any areas near creeks and streams.

Kimberly Leen lives along Stewart Creek in Wesley Heights. She worries water will seep into her house.

“Damage of items basically. If the flooding is really bad, being able to commute to another place in a safe manor,” says Leen.

John Wendel with Storm Water Services stresses that if you live near a stream or creek, you should be concerned about rising water.

“Six inches of water can knock you off your feet, a foot of water is going to lift up your car. So the bottom line is to stay away from the creeks and streams in this event,” says Wendel.

Wendel adds there are other ways to take action before any the flooding, “Clean out all the gutters, the storm drains. We want to make sure none of that debris goes down into the creeks and streams and blocks them, so we want the water to keep flowing.”

If you’re not sure whether your home or business is in a flood plain, click here.