Residents Of Western Mountain Counties Of North Carolina Rushing To Prepare For Flooding

BOONE, NC. — Residents in the western mountain counties of North Carolina rushing to prepare for potentially devastating affects from the estimated 6 to 12 inches of rain they could see in the coming days. Emergency management officials are anxious saying they’re still recovering from the flooding in May.

Sandbag by sandbag, Boone resident Raymond Garrison tirelessly tried to protect his business from the looming rains of Hurricane Florence on Friday.

“It could mean that 11 people don’t have a job next week,” says Garrison.

Watauga County Fire Marshal says at Deerfield Road in Boone will be one of the first areas to flood. Moose Lodge is on that road. Karen Ventrone is a member here. A big worry of hers: landslides.

“The ground is so soft already and so this amount of rain that’s coming in it’s only going to help trees uprooted that’s a really big concern around here,” says Ventrone.

The message from emergency officials: if you live in a flood prone area, don’t wait until you need a rescue crew to get out.