Man Stabbed At Haunted House By Friend Who Thought The Knife Was Fake

A night of Halloween fun for a group of friends in Tennessee turned into a real horror show when one woman mistakenly stabbed her friend.
She thought it was all part of the show.

It happened at Nashville Nightmare, a popular haunted house in Madison, Tennessee.
A woman in the group told police a worker wearing skeleton make-up handed her what she thought was a prop knife and told her to stab her friend.
Thinking it was all fake, she plunged the knife into her friend’s arm.

According to the police report: ‘As she pulled back she realized that there was blood on the knife. There was a hole in the victim’s shirt and blood was squirting from the victim’s left arm.’

A witness told police he heard the worker say he did not realize the knife was that sharp.
So far, no one is charged with a crime and Nashville Nightmare says its employee is on leave.

So, why do some people pay to be scared?
Science says some brains are just wired to like haunted houses because they know it is all fake.
The danger isn’t real and that makes people feel safe and they enjoy the experience.
Haunted houses can also be a welcome distraction from some people’s real problems.
Plus, some feel a sense of achievement, like running a 5K or climbing a mountain.