President Trump Fires Up Supporters For Local GOP Candidates

CHARLOTTE, NC — President Trump is heading back to Washington tonight after rallying thousands of supporters in east Charlotte. The president was hitting all of his usual talking points including immigration, middle class taxes, healthcare and taking jabs at the media.

Thousands were were in attendance for the rally Friday night.

The crowd never lost its enthusiasm, cheering and wailing every time the president mentioned a controversial topic.

Voters who spoke with me say they know Trump was here to endorse congressional candidate Mark Harris, but they were here to hear from Trump. He spent the majority of the time speaking.

He spoke about building the wall, stopping the migrants on the caravan seeking asylum in the U.S.

He vowed to stop sanctuary cities and the visa lottery.

He blamed Democrats for topics such as healthcare. He bashed the free press saying he is a victim of negative coverage.

He promised to cut taxes for the middle class, and promote justices that back case law.

The president also pulled Mark Harris up on stage to talk. Harris is in the very competitive race against Democrat Dan McCready.

Harris was very passionate tonight, and you could see his preacher background coming out when he vowed to back the president if elected.

Trump also bragged on Charlotte when it comes to Lake Norman where he has a golf course, and says he looks forward to coming to Charlotte for the Republican National Convention in 2020.

He also mentioned the accused bomb suspect, saying he condemns the violence and hopes people don’t make it about a political party.