What Is The Grossest Thing You’ve Seen On An Airplane?

Delta Airlines is offering an apology and 50,000 air miles to a passenger who flew from Atlanta to Miami sitting in a mess left by a sick dog.
Matthew Meehan says he sat in his seat and smelled something funky.
He soon discovered the source of the stench was a surprise left by a dog on a previous flight.
Meehan says the flight crew only offered him some paper towels and a mini bottle of gin to clean off and that the airline staff wouldn’t take responsibility for the mess.
Meehan says someone eventually wiped the mess up with paper towels.
His flight was overbooked, so he couldn’t change seats and he had to be in Florida the next morning, so he says he had no choice but to ‘fester in feces’ for a few hours.

Air travel can be quite nasty.
People recently shared the grossest things they’ve seen on airplanes on Reddit.
One person wrote: “I saw a grown man with his shoes off, biting his toenails.”
Another claimed to see a mother changing her baby’s diaper on the tray table.
While another said his wife passed gas and pretended to sleep while the other passengers complained about the smell.