The Average American Checks Their Smartphone 52 Times A Day

We Americans love our smartphones. We are practically addicted. And if you guessed that the average person checks their smartphone a whopping 52 times a day, you guessed right. That’s up six percent from last year.

A new consumer survey found we are spending more time tied to our mobile devices than ever before. 20 percent of us say our phone is our main way of logging on while at home, instead of a traditional computer hooked to the internet.

But recent studies show spending too much time on your phone is bad for your focus and mental health, which is likely a reason that 39 percent of Americans now admit they use their smartphones too much.

Younger Americans recognize the problem, too: 60 percent of people between 18 and 44 say they overuse their smartphone. Meanwhile 63 percent say they are trying to limit their smartphone screen time, though only around half of those are successful.