Town Wants To Charge Family $2-Thousand A Night For Massive Light Display

A homeowner in New Jersey says he still plans to turn on his Christmas lights Saturday night, despite warnings from his town.
Tom Apruzzi and his family are putting the final touches on their massive light display before showing it off this weekend.
They’ve done this for the past 15 years and it always draws a crowd.
Some people drive from other states.

This year, Apruzzi’s town wants him to leave the lights off or pay $2-thousand dollars a night for extra police to help with traffic.
But Apruzzi says he’s not paying and his lights are staying up.

“I’m not taking it down. It’s my religious right, it’s my first amendment right,” Apruzzi said. “I do this for the veterans and everything else like that. If people have a problem with that, I can’t say anything about it, there are people who are gonna be happy and there is always people who are gonna be unhappy.”

The town’s mayor says Apruzzi won’t be forced to turn off his display even if he doesn’t pay, but city officials will discuss whether to levy a fine after the holidays.
Apruzzi could end up owing more than $50-thousand.