GQ Says Bootcut Jeans Are Coming Back Into Fashion & Twitter Isn’t Having It

Fashion trends come and go, but some people think this trend should stay gone.

GQ declared that bootcut jeans are making a comeback.
The fashion magazine says we should expect to see more people wearing denim with gently flared legs next year.
The trend was popular in the early 2,000’s, but now designer brands are embracing the look again.
Balenciaga featured bootcut jeans in its spring lookbook and the style popped up on the runway in Versace’s spring collection.

People on Twitter aren’t ready to revive the fashion.
One person wrote: ‘This wasn’t a good look in 2002. It’s not a good look now.’
Another wrote: ‘Call your senators’
And one guy asked: Can’t we opt to bring back something less horrific like cholera?’