Does Lance Armstrong Deserve A Second Chance?

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong says there is a double standard in sports.
He appeared on NBC’s Today Show Thursday morning and talked about life after the doping scandal.
It was Armstrong’s first TV interview since he confessed to Oprah in 2013, just one year after being banned from cycling.
Armstrong says the last 6 years have ‘really sucked’ and he brought up another famous cheater, former New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez.
Rodriguez was banned from baseball for a season for performance enhancing drugs, but has since rehabbed his image.

“A Rod didn’t raise half-a-billion dollars and try to save a bunch of people’s lives, that’s kind of the irony of this,” Armstrong said during the NBC interview.

Armstrong still says that doping was rampant in cycling and that he’s been made a scapegoat.
But he says he’ll keep working toward redemption.

“You can call it whatever you want to call it. fraud, betrayal.. all of these things that we know people felt, that’s on me and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make that right.”