Should Cam Newton Sit Out The Rest Of The Season?

The Panthers are still mathematically eligible to make the playoffs, but they face a tough schedule over the next three weeks, with 2 games against the dominant New Orleans Saints.

Cam Newton says it is frustrating coming up short week after week, but the Carolina Panthers quarterback doesn’t appear ready to write off the rest of the season.

The Panthers quarterback failed to connect with his intended targets a few times Sunday.
His only interception came in the 4th quarter with less than a minute to play.
The Panthers were down by six points, but a pass to Devin Funchess was picked off, which essentially end any chance for a comeback win.

Cam has been playing with a sore shoulder.
Following Sunday’s 20-26 loss to the Cleveland Browns, a reporter asked the quarterback if it would help to sit out the next three weeks.
Cam shrugged it off and answered, “Next question.”

The Panthers have chosen to take the pressure off Cam’s shoulder several times this season.
Backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke came in to throw a Hail Mary against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on December 02nd.
The Panthers did the same thing against the Baltimore Ravens on October 28th.