Wet Roads And Dropping Temps Mean Threat Of Black Ice

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   North Carolina DOT crews will start treating roads and bridges at midnight. The wet roads and dropping temps mean the threat of black ice overnight.

A big concern for many people, like Tommy Blair, who have to drive to work early in the morning.

“You cannot use your breaks on ice, so that’s the most scariest part for anybody and if it ain’t it should be,” says Blair.

NC DOT will have around 20 trucks spreading brine. They’ll be treating bridges, interstates and major thoroughfares. Crews will be on standby all night to treat trouble spots.

Charlotte DOT will continue clearing and treating roads, focusing on those hardest hit areas in North Charlotte. Their main focus is major thoroughfares, bridges, overpasses and hospital entrances.

People got the message Monday to stay off the roads. medic says it responded to 17 accidents, which is less than on a normal day.

NC DOT has used 1,400 tons of salt in Mecklenburg and four other surrounding counties.