Most Americans Are Holding Onto Lots Of Things They Don’t Use

Danica Patrick started 2019 around $122-thousand richer after she sold her Lamborghini.

It was the only car she actually owned, but the retired race car driver says she rarely took it out, because she always had a loaner from one of her sponsors.
Danica only put around 1,700 miles on her Lamborghini over 13-years; it spent most of the time in storage.

Danica explained the car wasn’t practical when she was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast last year.
“I bought a Lamborghini a few years back and it didn’t have a cup holder, so I was like this is stupid,” Patrick said. “Cars are like purses for me, I just need one nice one and when it wears out, I’ll get a new one.”

Experts say the start of the new year is a great time to do what Danica did and purge some stuff.
You may not qualify to be on the TV show Hoarders, but there is a good chance you have a few things you need to get rid of.
A recent study says the average American is holding onto 23 items they don’t even use.
Most say the things have sentimental value, or they just haven’t gotten around to throwing them out.