Usher and Nick Cannon Clowned For Their New Hairstyles

Both Usher and Nick Cannon are learning it is not always a good idea to drastically change your look.
People who tuned in to watch the new show ‘The Masked Singer’ Wednesday night were scratching their head and trying to figure out what host Nick Cannon did to his hair.
It is a lot longer on the sides and in the back.
Twitter started to flood with funny memes before the show ended.
Lots of people compared Cannon’s look to the preacher character Arsenio Hall played in the movie ‘Coming To America.’
Others said he looked like Prince’s dad from ‘Purple Rain’ or Doc Brown from ‘Back to the Future.’
Some even compared the look to Frederick Douglas.
Cannon didn’t mind.
He re-tweeted a lot of the comments and told fans to keep them coming.

Usher also recently got new doo.
He posted a pic of his new pompadour on Instagram on New Year’s Day.
He captioned the photo: Rat Pack 2019.
Usher then went live on Instagram to get his fan’s feedback and some people seemed to dig the retro look.
Others couldn’t help but joke that Usher would fit right in with a doowop group.
There are now dozens of memes on Twitter poking fun at his haircut, but Usher loves the look.
He says it makes him feel like Superman.