Americans Would Rather Do A Lot Of Things Than Discuss Their Finances

A shocking amount of people would rather go to the DMV or sit in traffic than discuss their personal finances.

In fact: 1 in 5 Americans would rather sit in jail for an hour than figure out a budget.
That’s according to a new study that says people will do some crazy stuff rather than face their money issues.
Impact investing platform CNote polled 2,000 people and more than half say they are not comfortable talking to someone else about their personal finances.

Here is what people say they would rather do than talk money.
47% say they would drink orange juice after brushing their teeth than spill their biggest money secret to a friend.
34% would rather post their most embarrassing photo to social media than post a screen-shot of their account balance.
32% would rather go to the DMV than make a financial plan.
16% would rather watch a steamy sex scene with their parents in the room than tell them about their biggest financial blunder.