Company Sells Used Tissues For $79

People are now paying to get sick.
A new company called Vaev is selling used tissues, covered with someone else’s germs and they are already sold out.
For $79, they will ship you a tissue that some sick person sneezed into.
The company claims to give you the freedom to choose when you get the sniffles.
The idea is to catch a cold now, so you won’t get sick later.

Vaev released an online ad that says, “You tear your muscles to get stronger. You learn to fall to become a dancer. You callus your fingers to become a musician. Why is your immune system any different?”

The company calls their product safer than needles and pills and says most of their customers are people who are skeptical of vaccines and are looking for “alternatives.”
Yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the best way to stay well is to avoid contact with germs.

Lots of people try to prevent colds using strategies based on little to no scientific evidence.
Researchers C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan asked more than 1,000 parents how they keep their kids well.
70% believed in a ‘health myth’ that was handed down from their parents or grandparents.

Myths like:
– Going outside with wet hair can make you sick
– Being exposed to cold air can cause a cold
– Taking multivitamins and supplements can prevent a cold