Have You Missed An Important Life Event To Watch Football?

Even if your team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, many devoted fans aren’t giving up on next season.
A new poll says 3-in-4 NFL fans have no doubt that their team will win the Super Bowl next year.

The average NFL fan spends almost two full days a month thinking, talking, or reading about their favorite team.
That’s according to a new Ticketmaster survey that looked into the lengths people would go for their favorite team.
84% said that when their team is playing, they drop everything they are doing to watch the game.
In fact: 1-in-4 fans have skipped out on big life events to watch their team play, including birthday parties, holidays, church, and their own anniversary.

35% say they has skipped out on dinner plans to root on their team
25% have bailed on a birthday party
20% have left a date hanging
10% have even skipped their own kid’s recital to watch their team play