The Polar Vortex Has Most Of America In Its Icy Grip

The polar vortex has most of America in its icy grip; 80% of the country saw temperatures below freezing.
It was colder in 11 states on Thursday than it was in Alaska.

The wind chill reached negative-41 in Chicago.
People in the Windy City are hearing loud booms called ‘frost quakes’ which are caused by water underground suddenly freezing.
Its so cold, the Chicago River is freezing over and crews are setting the city’s frozen train tracks on fire to keep trains running smoothly.

People in the Midwest are sharing pictures online that show just how insanely cold it is.
One guy says his beard froze while he waited for the bus and someone in Minnesota posted a picture of a toilet that broke after the water in the tank froze.

Some people are finding ways to enjoy the polar vortex.
If you spent any time online this week, you’ve probably seen a video of someone throwing boiling water in the air and it instantly turning to ice.
Meanwhile, a girl in Iowa went outside with wet hair wrapped in a towel and when she pulled it off her hair froze, sticking straight into the air like a troll doll.
And a woman in Minnesota posted video showing her throwing a pair of sweatpants into the air; the pants freeze solid before hitting the ground.