Super Bowl 53 Was The Lowest Rated In 10 Years

Sunday night’s game wasn’t just the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever, some are calling it the most boring.

Super Bowl 53 had the lowest ratings of any Super Bowl in the last 10 years.
5% fewer people turned in to watch the game, compared to last year.

The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.
Many fans are complaining that the game seemed like an endless series of punts; the first and only touchdown didn’t come until well into the 4th quarter.

Meanwhile: reaction to Maroon 5’s halftime show wasn’t great with a lot of people calling the performance bland and uneventful.
Adam Levine belted out hits like ‘Sugar’ and ‘Moves Like Jagger,’ but the band’s front man is facing some heat for taking off shirt.
Some are questioning why it was okay for Levine to bare his chest, when Janet Jackson faced so much fallout for her infamous wardrobe malfunction 15 years ago.

It’s even hard to say the ads were better than the game this year.
Only a few of the commercials got positive reaction online.
Highlights included: the NFL’s 100th Anniversary spot, which featured 40 players, including the Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey
Another favorite: The Washington Post’s Tom Hanks narrated ad, which promoted the work of journalists.
And fans online seemed to love the Bud Light commercials.
The ads touted the Bud Light’s lack of corn syrup, but now there is backlash from the National Corn Growers Association.