Do Your Favorite Emojis Mean What You Think They Do?

You should start finding new and different emojis on your phone starting next month. Unicode just released its list of 230 new emojis for 2019, and many focus on inclusivity.

There are 13 new symbols and characters for people with disabilities, including someone walking with a cane, someone signing the word “deaf”, a person in a motorized wheelchair and a prosthetic arm. Many of the new emoji were suggested by groups like the American Council of the Blind and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Meanwhile, 55,000 people campaigned to get a new blood drop symbol that they are calling it the “period emoji”. A girls’ rights group in the United Kingdom led the call, hoping to smash the stigma associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

But the emoji that is causing the most buzz seems to be the “pinching hand”. It is supposed to mean “a small amount”, like a pinch of salt, but people on Twitter aren’t buying it. Lots of people say they will use it to describe a man who is not well-endowed.

The “pinching hand” is not the first emoji to develop a dirty, double meaning. Both the eggplant and peach are sometimes used to represent naughty body parts. And the smirking face is another emoji with a scandalous, second meaning. Some people use it when they are feeling frisky.

So do your favorite emojis mean what you think they mean?