What Stresses You Out The Most?

Painfully slow internet, un-liked social media posts and broken phone screens are just a few of the things that are really stressing millennials out.
In fact: nearly 2-in-5 millennials now say breaking their phone would be more stressful than seeing their car’s check engine light come on and 1-in-5 say a broken phone is more stressful than a lost wallet.
That’s according to a new survey by Endoca, a company that sells CBD oil.
The researchers asked 2,000 Americans about the modern problems that cause the most stress and they learned that technology is making us more tense.
30% say Wifi issues are more stressful than getting stuck in traffic.
And that’s not all: people stress about social media.
Around 1-in-5 say getting zero likes on a post is more stressful than fighting with their significant other.

Meanwhile, 22-percent also say showing up first to a party would be more stressful than a job interview.