200 Migrants Arrested, ICE Says It’s The New Normal

CHARLOTTE, NC — ICE promises more arrests after detaining 200 people in one week in the state.
ICE is blaming sheriffs like Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden.

ICE says officers have to make more arrests in the streets because they cannot check the jail for migrants anymore.
Sheriff McFadden says that’s absurd fear mongering.

One family was visibly shaken outside the ICE field office in Charlotte Friday. Agents arrested their father Thursday, a man with no criminal background.

“My dad stepped out to his car to go to work, and then they took him in,” said Jose Palma.

ICE arrested the 200 migrants in Mecklenburg, Orange, Wake and Durham Counties this week. Usually, that number is about 50 a week, ICE says.

ICE says out of the 200, 50 were convicted criminals, 40 had pending charges, 50 failed to leave the U.S. after a court order and 60 have no criminal background but encountered an ICE officer on patrol.

People are starting to confront agents on the streets.

“I’m a resident of Mecklenburg County where I can be on the streets where I live,” said one woman who posted a video on Facebook.

One man posted an ICE traffic stop in Charlotte.

ICE blames Sheriffs like Garry McFadden because they stopped the controversial 287(G) Program. That allowed ICE to take custody of undocumented inmates for deportation. In some cases, the inmates were waiting for a fair trial.

“I think the public would be shocked at the types of individuals that these sheriffs are releasing back into the country,” said the regional ICE Director Sean Gallagher.

He listed off crimes like indecent liberties with a child, rape, murder.

Sheriff McFadden says, “For ICE representative Sean Gallagher to suggest that dangerous people are suddenly
walking out of jail because of the termination of the 287g policy is engaging in
cynical fear mongering,” said Sheriff McFadden.

He gave a list of ways the jail works with ICE:

MCSO fingerprint examiners share Mecklenburg County Jail arrestee fingerprints with ICE so that ICE can monitor databases, MCSO honors ICE criminal warrants signed by judicial officials, MCSO complies with all applicable federal and state laws including NCGS162-62, which requires MCSO to verify a person’s legal status in this country for felonies and impaired driving offenses, MCSO made necessary adjustments to our arrestee classification form that insures compliance with NCGS 162-62, MCSO strictly complies with NCIC/DCI User’s guidelines, which requires providing ICE with confirmations of alerts on a criminal ICE warrants, MCSO grants ICE access to arrestees/ inmates to conduct interviews with those subject to an ICE criminal warrant or to serve a criminal warrant, MCSO works in conjunction with all state and federal law enforcement agencies, including ICE, to perform their law enforcement duties in the Courthouse.

Protesters outside the ice field office Friday quietly held signs.

“They’re going through our whole community terrorizing people,” said Action NC’s Hector Vaca.

ICE threatened to arrest Charlotte City Council Member Braxton Winston when he tried to walk into the ice field office, which is a public building, to set up a meeting.

ICE apologized.

In cases like the Palma family, ICE says call this number to find out where you family is: 1-888-351-4024.