Couple Crowdfunds Their Wedding Costs

Over budget and out of time, one couple is now crowdfunding their wedding costs.
They swear they aren’t money grubbers, they just need help paying for a venue, a cake, a dress and a photographer.

The couple lives in Scottland.
They decided to ask for help after realizing they were $5,800 short for their dream wedding.
Instead of cutting costs, they started a GoFundMe page.

The bride wrote: ‘Despite throwing all our wages at the wedding costs, selling our belongings and taking as many extra shifts at work as are available we are still falling short of our final bills.’
She asked that their friends and family donate to her big day in lieu of wedding gifts and so far 52 people have.
The couple has raised close to $5,000, but after their story went viral, lots of people are saying they shouldn’t have a wedding they can’t afford.

The couple says they aren’t forcing anyone to pay up.