People Share Their Most Awkward Moments

We’ve all waved at someone, only to realize they were waving to someone else.
That awkward moment tops a new list of the most awkward moments of daily life.

Another was going out in new clothes, but forgetting to take off the price tag.
You may remember Megyn Markle making that fashion faux pas last year.

A recent poll, commissioned by haircare brand Aussie, asked 2,000 people to share their most cringe-worthy experiences, like dropping their cell phone in the toilet or getting caught gossiping by the person they’re talking about.

Some other awkward moments they shared are:
– Stalking someone Instagram and then accidentally liking an old photo
– Sending a text or email to the wrong person
– Singing your heart out in the car, only to realize the people in the next car are watching you
– Accidentally calling your boss ‘mom’ or ‘dad’

Have any of these happened to you lately?