EXCLUSIVE: Security Guard Ambushed, Robbed And Shot Speaks Out

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  A security guard ambushed, robbed, shot and left for dead in a North Charlotte neighborhood. She spoke only to WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich. The woman describes the terrifying moments before a man shot her at point-blank range.

Lt. Holly Wright is so positive, you almost don’t notice her injury. That injury almost cost Holly her life. On January 25th, Holly was working as a mobile security guard, she stopped in the Hidden Valley neighborhood around 6 am to pick up a co-worker. That’s when two men ambushed her off Spring Garden Lane. Police say Derrick and Aaron Collins took her phone and her gun, then shot her at point-blank range.

“After I was shot my arm felt like it weighed, and my shoulder felt like it weighed a 100 pounds. It was just the weirdest feeling,” explains Wright.

Holly called 911 herself. Medic rushed her to the hospital.  Her first thought was her husband of 25 years.

“Please call my husband and let him know I’m okay. That is all I could think of.”

Seven days and four surgeries later, she went home.

“It’s taught me not to let anything get you down. As long as you trust in God and you have a great family, and you have great friends like I have, you can get through anything.”

Derrick and Aaron Collins are behind bars facing several charges including attempted murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Holly says she forgives them and plans to be at their next court appearance and give a victim statement.