Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat May Inherit Some Of His Fortune

When it comes to pampered pets, the late Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette may soon become the world’s richest animal.
Lagerfeld died Tuesday in Paris and left behind a fortune rumored to be around $270-million.
The fashion designer had no children, but often referred to his cat as an ‘heiress.’
He reportedly included her in his will.

Lagerfeld adored the fluffy feline and hired a staff to take care of her, including two maids, a personal chef and her own bodyguard.
They traveled the world together and Lagerfeld once said he would marry Choupette if it were legal.

Meanwhile: studies show lots of people would rather hang out with their pets than their pals.
A recent survey of dog owners found more than half would blow off plans or skip a social gathering to spend time with their pooch.
And they gave some pretty good reasons why:
20% say their pet helped them through a bad break-up.
62% say their pet makes them exercise more.
73% say they are more comfortable confiding a secret to their pet.
In fact: 81% say they talk to their pet like they would a friend.