Should Eating While Driving Be Banned?

Federal investigators have a theory about what caused a deadly 2017 bus crash in Queens, New York.
They say the bus driver may have dropped his coffee travel mug.
Investigators say a metal thermos bottle was found on the floorboard after the crash.
The National Transportation Safety Board released a photo after trying to recreate the crash.
They think the coffee tumbler may have gotten stuck between the brake and the gas pedals.

There are lots things that can distract a driver’s attention from the road, but eating is one of the worst.
The National Highway Traffic Administration conducted a study that found it was a greater distraction while driving than cell phone use.
Researchers say eating and driving makes you 80% more likely to have an accident.
The same study found that 65% of near-miss accidents are caused by drivers distracted because they are eating behind the wheel.