Breakdancing Could Become An Olympic Sport

Organizers of the 2024 summer games in Paris want breakdancing to be a medal event.
They’ve now formally submitted the sport as an official competition.
The International Olympic Committee has the final say, but won’t make a ruling until after the 2020 games in Tokyo are over.
Breakdancing was already Part of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018.
Young men and women were allowed to compete individually and as teams.

Organizers for the Paris games also want to add surfing, skateboarding and climbing.
All three set to make their Olympic debut at the 2020 games in Tokyo as additional events.

The Olympic games have seen sports come and go.
The 1900 Olympics in Paris featured live pigeon shooting.
Tug of war was an Olympic event until 1920.
Solo synchronized swimming was introduced in 1984.
It lasted until the 1992 Barcelona games, which was also the first and only Olympics to feature roller hockey.